About Us

Dani Organics (UK), now headquartered at Hersden, has been operating out of East Kent for the last 11 years now. Amar Dani with the help of his older brother, Anand, started this journey from a small trading desk and have grown it in to one of the largest suppliers of organic food ingredients across Europe and the UK. Today 11 companies spanning 5 continents, over 200 employees globally and projects with thousands of farmers certified, comprise the Dani Foods Group. With new processing facilities at Hersden and elsewhere, and newer projects on the horizon, we have embarked upon a phase of robust yet sustained growth and development, guided by the entrepreneurial vision of Amar and Anand Dani.

Through the Dani Foods projects initiative set up across India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Madagascar, Vietnam and China, Dani Organics has built a strong, integrated supply chain system whereby it sources 90% of its products from its sister concerns in these geographies. At these origins, a dedicated team of field agents work alongside farmers to ethically source the highest quality natural and organic products at fair prices. This ensures a comprehensive overview of product quality from the field to our clients. Simultaneously, farmers are trained in good organic farming practices to maintain product consistency and quality.



At our 60,000 sq foot facility outside Canterbury, we have an in-house steam steriliser – one of its kind in the UK, to ensure that our products adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. We also have 2 grinders/ cutters and 2 blenders to process products and blends for ourselves and our clients. This has greatly expanded the range and varying grades of products which we provide and the speed with which we make them available. We continue to warehouse at our Broadstairs facility.


 With a better defined organisational structure, and value addition and quality at the core of our focus, we are gearing up to cater to the very best in the industry. The young professionals in our quality department are in the process of setting up our in-house laboratory which will be equipped with microbiology and mycotoxin testing kits. These additional measures will ensure that every product is tested quickly and accurately in-house; our product quality is controlled internally, and maintained to the highest standards.

Amar Dani

Amar Dani

Managing Director

Amar’s success stems from an intuitive understanding of his customers’ requirements combined with a strong global presence. Previously a trader in stocks and as a Director of East Kent Cartons in the U.K., he has had an interest in organic foods since he was 24 years old and he founded the Group in 2006. He is currently focussed on strengthening the supply chain in newer origins across the world.

Anand Dani

Anand Dani


Anand’s innate ability to connect with people and his work ethic are what makes him an effective salesman and a successful entrepreneur. With a strong background in packaging, he is also the Managing Director of East Kent Cartons in the UK and TruVibe Organics – a fast-growing superfoods brand in the USA. He is currently spearheading operations in USA and expanding DO’s front-end presence in newer geographies.

The Team

Site Manager

David Parker



Dipen Arya 

European Sales

James Spencer

Tanja Brown

Logistics and Supply Chain

Road Transport

Markus Schneider

Sea Shipments  

Tomoko Obata



Fatma Karmadzhieva


Fetie Karmadzhieva


Quality Assurance

Yeen Yee Ong



Quality Control

Kevin Southall

HR and Legal  

Saadia Ahmad

Inventory and Admin

Siddharth Chauhan


Karim Abouzid

Warehouse Staff

Engineering and Maintenance

Samuel Finch

Goods Out

Jay Stembridge

Lawrance Lindsay

Pietro Muscari

Goods In

Jake Tse

Bradley Berry

Jivko Trifonov


Charlene Cooke

Chrysoula Mardani

Elliot Thompson  

Jason Pearce

Compliance and Quality

Luke Thompson