At our 60,000 sq foot facility outside Canterbury, we have an in-house steam steriliser – one of its kind in the UK. We are utilising this to ensure that our products adhere to the highest standards of hygiene. This Semi-Continuous Steam Sterilizer System, fully loaded with unique features, ensures a very a thorough germ reduction and has been specially designed to add safety, convenience and give a world-class end product. It’s built over 3 storeys and operates on a pneumatic air pressure conveyance apparatus.

Its key features include a unique moisture control system which enables the operator to control the level of moisture in the product with precision, during the sterilisation process; and an in-line weighing, bagging and packaging machine to ensure packaging consistency. This machine, through our knowhow, has the ability to maintain the flavour and colour in the product by a lower level of volatile oil reduction during sterilisation. Since its installation, we have seen a significant improvement in the products we bring to our clients.